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Welcome |To |IX.KW

IX.KW Who we are : is Kuwait's not-for-profit, carrier neutral, community-directed Internet Exchange Point that provides high speed, reliable, and resilient IP traffic exchange facilities. ISPs, mobile operators, or anyone with an AS number can interconnect and exchange traffic (peer) in Kuwait, accessing the rich market it offers.

Located in the main landing station building (TEC) where GCX, GCCIA, STC, and Mobily offer their services, connecting from overseas is only a simple patch panel away.

IX.KW Objective :

Prior to, all inter-network traffic, both domestic and foreign bound was exchanged through exchanges outside the country. ISPs send all outbound traffic through their international links, the costs of which must be borne by either the sending or the receiving ISP. provides an optimal path for peered traffic to reach other networks within Kuwait, freeing international links from congestion, enhancing data speeds and reducing latency and costs. is an autonomous division of the Communications and Information Technology Regulatory Authority (“CITRA”) of Kuwait.

IX.KW Public Traffic Statistics :

Despite being a relatively young IXP, launching in 2019, has managed to make huge accomplishments.

  • In only a few months, all the ISP and mobile operators in Kuwait became members with open policies
  • Peering traffic is at 8Gb/sec and rising