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We at are using EVPN over VXLAN for a fully redundant, distributed exchange. Currently, the IX resides in the TEC building with connections to multiple datacenters, all offering colocation services. Please check PeeringDB for more details. Plans are in place to expand the exchange to multiple datacenters across Kuwait.

Route Servers

If you want to be part of the multilateral agreement, you can simply connect to our route servers at: You will find all the communities supported in the links above.
Please check out our looking glass to see the routes currently advertised.

IX-F Member Export

The IX-F Member Export is an agreed and standardized JSON schema which allows IXPs to make their member lists available for consumption by tools such as PeeringDB. You can find ours at


We currently support 10G/25G and 100G ports.

IX.KW Total Bandwidth in:

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